Vastu by Design

The word Vastu was taken from old Indian Sanskrit and it means dwelling space and has been practiced in India for thousands of years. At its core Vastu is an art of designing so that the balance between negative and positive energies in the structure is maintained based on the five elements of our universe – earth, water, fire, air and ether (space). Vastu design principles are used by designers and architects in designing homes or offices to create harmony with nature while maximizing positive energy flow within each building.

It was love at first sight for Precision Home clients when they visited their friend’s vastu designed home in Wattle Park. After visiting the display home and talking with Precision Homes Managing Director, William Moukachar, it was clear to them who they wanted to build with.

From the clients:
‘I like the process, the staff and everything was handled very well. It was a really good experience with William and with the design. Precision Homes delt well with the Council, neighbours and retaining walls to get the house approved.’

The home was built to their exact specifications and is the perfect example of a modern Australian home while honouring the client’s heritage. The clients wanted an open plan living area with flow through encompassing the outdoor water feature, living area and kitchen, which is why Precision Homes utilised large glass sliding doors throughout the main areas of the home. The kitchen and butler’s pantry are very functional and the clients love how the butler’s pantry, which can often be forgotten, is bursting with natural light thanks to the skylight.

Split levels are also not common in Vastu homes because they break the flow of energy. This adds a challenging element as our client’s home was built on a sloping site. A significant portion of the site was then raised to accommodate this need.

Vastu is a holistic approach to living and designing your home. It helps you make decisions that are good for your health, happiness, and prosperity. Precision Homes has recently built two Vastu based homes in Adelaide.

From the clients:
‘We liked the way William incorporated what we wanted (Vastu) into the design, he did a very good job.’

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