Building Innovation on a Challenging Site

When our team first encountered the site of the recently completed Beaumont home project, we knew we were in for a challenge. Nestled on a sloping block at the corner of a bustling road, the logistics of this build immediately sparked our creativity. Led by our Managing Director, William Moukachar, we embraced this opportunity to think outside the box and create something truly remarkable.

The steep slope of the site and the neighbouring reserves set the scene for a home with absolutely breathtaking views. William recognised the paramount importance of this vista in shaping the home’s design. Every aspect, from the main entrance to the open-plan living space, from the balcony to the placement of the real flame fireplace, was meticulously crafted with the view as the focal point.

Due to the steep slopes, William knew that not overshadowing or overlooking the neighbours’ homes would be a challenge. Balance had to be struck between the height of the home for amazing views, and respecting the privacy of the neighbours. Strategic design came into play to deliver the best outcome on both fronts. The driveway was lowered to create a split to allow for the slope of the driveway to work, and the windows on the neighbours side of the house were strategically placed and frosted so they are not overlooking into the neighbour’s yard.

To harmonise with the land’s gradient and capitalise on the stunning views, William conceived the house as an ‘upside down’ or ‘reverse living’ two-storey split. The main living areas and master suite found their place on the ground floor, seamlessly blending indoor comfort with outdoor beauty. Meanwhile, the additional bedrooms and secondary bathroom were artfully situated on the lower ground floor, maintaining privacy and functionality.

From the clients:

The house is absolutely beautiful. We are elated with the design, build, and quality of our home!

The Craigburn Farm display home (The One) is what sold us on choosing Precision Homes. If that display home was in the eastern suburbs, we would have put an offer forward, as this floorplan suited our way of living. The quality of the build is very similar quality to what we would build – we are builders, and this is the first time that we have given another builder the opportunity to build our home.

We aligned well with William and Simone’s morals. They are very family orientated, which made the whole process even more appealing.

Thank you to all who contributed in the design and building process.

Also a special thank you to the crew at Broadfeather, especially Tracey, who I worked really well with and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

I love my home…Thank you!!

What elevates the innovation of this design to another level is our clients’ identity as the owners of Seima, an Australian company deeply rooted in the appreciation of Australian design, landscapes, and culture. Their vision aligned perfectly with ours, fuelling a collaborative process that resulted in a home that not only embraces its surroundings but also embodies the essence of Australian inspiration. Many Seima products are showcased in this home including the freestanding Arko bath in the master ensuite highlighted by its position of honour in the centre of the room lit by the skylight, as well as the unique Attica pedestal basin in the powder room. The mixers, basins and shower heads are also Seima products.

Through meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, and a shared passion for excellence, we transformed a challenging site into a masterpiece of architectural ingenuity. The Beaumont home stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration, showcasing how a unique vision can come to life in harmony with nature’s beauty.

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