Beyond our expertise with custom designed and constructed homes, we provide multi-room home renovation and extension services for premium homes.

Working with city-fringe and hills region clients, we provide complete scoping, concept, design and construction services for living, bathroom, kitchen, guest and other spaces.

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When considering whether to renovate or extend your current home, the Precision Homes team can work with you to review the current footprint and style of the home, and then develop remodelling concepts that incorporate:

  • Seamless integration from the existing footprint to the new spaces
  • External views and features into the internal design considerations (e.g. garden, pool, or scenic views can be showcased within your new design).

Additionally, Precision Homes’ outdoor team can also work in tandem with the internal construction to add pools, water features, hardscapes, native and exotic planting, and other outdoor landscape components to your renovation process.

At Precision Homes, we encourage our clients to develop a renovation ‘wish list’, that identifies which additions and changes to focus on:

  • The current home design & style, and the new desired design & style
  • Will this include a kitchen renovation?
  • How many bathroom spaces are there to renovate or add?
  • Do you wish to extend or add additional rooms?
  • Will you be shifting to an open plan layout, or closing off existing rooms?
  • Are there heating, cooling or energy efficiency elements you’d like to upgrade?
  • Are there any outdoor renovations you wish to add?

As an established design and construction company, we provide extensive project management and complete service throughout your renovation, including council and building approvals, coordinating all trades and specialists, all while keeping you informed throughout the process.

If you are interested in discussing your renovation or extension, call the Precision Homes office today on 08 8268 1400 or contact us – our team can help you to turn your ‘wish list’ into an immaculately finished home within months.