Vastu by Design

The word Vastu was taken from old Indian Sanskrit and it means dwelling space and has been practiced in India for thousands of years. At its core Vastu is an art of designing so that the balance between negative and positive energies in the structure is maintained based on the five elements of our universe… Read more

A Complex Build in Magill

We are no strangers to tackling complex builds, but the project in Magill presented a particularly challenging endeavour. Situated on a sloping, previously undeveloped block, the home was strategically positioned midway on the block to take advantage of breathtaking views over Adelaide from both the first and second stories. Constructing on a sloping site posed… Read more

Energising the New Office

Precision Home’s Eco-Conscious New Office Shines a Light on Sustainability. As the challenges of climate change surge, it shines the light on everyone – including businesses – to embrace more sustainable office elements. Reinforcing our pledge for an eco-conscious workspace is our Kozco Energy Group solar installation: an impressive 40kW system consisting of 80 x… Read more

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