Integrated appliances: sleek, stylish and sophisticated

We all know a great kitchen can make a home, but what takes your kitchen from ‘great’ to remarkable?

While of course, functionality is imperative, here at Precision Homes we know it’s style and sophistication that help to create minimalist beauty and functionality in a kitchen, and that’s why our design team generally recommend Integrated appliances. Sleek and seamless, integrated appliances are proving a popular choice for home owners looking to add that extra touch of elegance to their kitchen.

While there are a range of reasons why this trend is sweeping the globe, here are our top 5 reasons to choose integrated appliances in your kitchen.

1. Aesthetics

Gone are the days of clunky appliances being the eyesore of your kitchen. By integrating your appliances, they are conveniently concealed within your cabinetry creating a streamlined, stylish and finished look.

2. Take back your space

You’d be surprised by the extra cupboard and shelving space created simply by eliminating gaps between cabinetry and free-standing appliances. With integrated appliances, you can guarantee the perfect fit, ensuring not an inch of space is wasted.

3. Get creative with your appliance placement

Don’t be bound by size restrictions of your stock-standard appliances! Experience the freedom to design your kitchen to suit your personal style and preference, enjoying the uniqueness and practicality integration brings.

4. Create the illusion of space

The cohesive design of an integrated kitchen forms an open and inviting extension of your living and dining areas. Perfectly suited to open plan living, you’ll be awestruck with the roominess this style of kitchen can create and the ability of the design to tie your spaces together, creating the perfect area for indoor entertaining.

5. Cleaning is a breeze

With one sleek surface, and gaps between appliances and cabinetry eliminated, housekeeping just became a whole lot simpler. Imagine never having to wipe another fingerprint from the fridge door, or never having to worry about dust in the void between your appliances and cabinetry. With integrated appliances, you’ll find maintaining your kitchen is easier in the day-to-day and the longer term.