Home Automation

The evolution of home automation continues, and this trend doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon.  For our clients, automation using state of the art technology brings the perfect combination of luxury, convenience and comfort to their homes.  The best news? There isn’t much that can’t be controlled through automation.

Some of the most popular home automation options include motorised blinds and awnings, room by room climate control for continuous comfort as well as lighting control and automation both inside and out. Step the luxury level up a notch, and you’ll see multi-room music systems making their presence known as the perfect accessory for in-home entertaining.

As technology advances we’re seeing a rise in automated security features including the ability to access your home security cameras remotely, particularly useful when travelling abroad, or access control systems which allow you to give access to your home even when you aren’t there.  Many of our customers choose to integrate home automation into the build process, to fit in with their busy professional lives.

Home automation isn’t limited to within the home either. Venture outside and you have the ability to automate pool pumps, lights and accessories, or take advantage of irrigation control, allowing your garden to take care of itself.

In today’s carbon-conscious climate, it is especially exciting that you can make the most of home automation features whilst maintaining overall energy efficiency. In fact, by implementing some of the many automation options mentioned above, you could actually reduce your energy consumption. By utilising energy management, usage and solar charting systems you can also track your energy usage and system performance, allowing you to stay in complete control while reducing your carbon footprint.

To see the added security, comfort, convenience and elegance home automation can provide, visit our current display home, and let us show you why home automation is here to stay.

Precision Homes Display Home: The One 36 Fergusson Avenue, Craigburn Farm SA

Open Sat-Sun: 1:30-5:00pm


Our current display home – 6-Star Energy Rated design and construction, featuring

  • Lighting Control
  • Climate Management on a room by room basis allowing for even temperature throughout the home
  • Access control
  • Cameras throughout the home for security, all view-able remotely
  • Motorised blinds
  • Pool control
  • Irrigation control
  • Multi-room music
  • Energy management
  • Usage reporting
  • Solar charting
  • Exported energy