Energy efficiency items when building a home

At Precision Homes, we know when it comes to building our clients’ dream home, energy efficiency is high on the wish list.  Here we suggest a few key ways to maximise the energy efficiency of your new home.


While perhaps an obvious choice, insulation is a necessity in any home. Insulation works to keep out the heat out in summer, and trap heat in winter helping you reduce the need to run expensive, energy-thirsty heating and cooling. At Precision Homes, we choose to use high quality insulation in roof cavities, and under flooring, if a home is raised off the ground, to ensure our customers will be less reliant on appliances to maintain an optimal temperature in their home.


Solar is another great way to reduce greenhouse emissions and increase the energy efficiency of your home for a relatively low cost. With the ability to tailor your system to suit your energy requirements, you can harness the suns energy to power your entire home throughout daylight hours. As technology advances and prices fall, you might also like to invest in a solar battery storage solution which would allow you to utilise solar power through the evening when your panels cannot generate electricity from the sun.

Double Glazed Windows

Did you know, you can lose or gain up to 10 times more heat with a single pain of bare glass compared to an uninsulated wall of the same size?  This is why double or triple glazed windows are a must when building your new home, in addition to considering size and placement of windows during the planning stages of the build. By situating larger windows on the northern facing side of your block, the natural light will help warm your house in winter. For protection from the sun during warmer months, consider installing eaves, a pergola or planting deciduous trees to shade from the harsh summer sun.

Irrigation Systems

With water restrictions often enforced during intense Adelaide summers, maintaining a green and healthy garden can be problematic. If you enjoy luscious lawns and flourishing flowerbeds all year round, perhaps consider installing a greywater system. Allowing you to recycle some of your household water waste that would otherwise go down the drain, greywater systems are an efficient way to conserve and recycle water while maintaining a healthy garden landscape.

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