Energising the New Office

Precision Home’s Eco-Conscious New Office Shines a Light on Sustainability.

As the challenges of climate change surge, it shines the light on everyone – including businesses – to embrace more sustainable office elements.

Reinforcing our pledge for an eco-conscious workspace is our Kozco Energy Group solar installation: an impressive 40kW system consisting of 80 x 500W solar panels, aided by 13.3kWh of battery storage.

The battery installation – which automatically switches to an essential 20A circuit in backup mode – is suitable for residential or commercial applications. The advantage for staff is the ability to draw on a stored and steady, uninterrupted power supply at any time, even in blackouts, before reaching for the grid.

And by strategically positioning each individual solar panel to mitigate shade from neighbouring structures, the system maintains optimal performance throughout the day, every day.

The system features Wi-Fi connectivity and a dashboard linked to a user-friendly online platform, enabling us to effortlessly monitor real-time production and consumption, providing instant and convenient access to this crucial data.

It’s one thing to create a cutting-edge office design; it’s another to retrofit sustainable technology into a pre-existing office space, navigating close neighbours, a tight CBD site, and double brick walls…

Stepping up to the challenge with their hallmark meticulous level of thinking, was Precision Homes.

Since the install, we’ve fed 21,340kWh back to the grid, reduced our grid reliance by 19,502kWh, and simultaneously lowered our costly monthly overheads. In five years’ time and beyond, we’re looking at a substantial return on investment.

And with the hum of electric vehicles (EVs) on the rise about town, Precision Homes’ state-of-the-art HQ is equipped for any EV model with a ZJ 22kW 3-phase charger and versatile Type 2 plugs. This proves we’re not just watching; we’re acting – putting our full support behind clean EV transportation.

We’re quietly achieving maximum energy output and internal efficiencies while reaffirming our steadfast commitment to sustainability.

It goes without saying, Precision Homes carry this progressive eco-forward thinking into every new residential build, harnessing the power of the sun and the electric vehicle revolution to create a brighter hi-tech future for all.

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