A fond farewell to the formal dining room

It’s been on the way out for a while, but we can officially bid farewell to the formal dining room. Times are changing, with areas of our homes becoming more multi-purpose, and our lives becoming more and more busy, we simply don’t have the same need for a dedicated dining room as we once did. Even social gatherings in the home are no longer a formal affair; hosting guests and waiting on their every need is a thing of the past, instead they’re often a relaxed, social occasion where everyone comes together to create an inclusive atmosphere.

With an open plan design, the kitchen, dining and living area are the heart of a home where all the action happens. Often leading seamlessly to an outdoor entertaining area, it’s a multipurpose space where you can come together to discuss your day, unwind over a glass of wine and entertain friends and family; this space has really become the central entertaining area which lends itself to any occasion. Open plan living is definitely having a moment, and is set to continue gaining in popularity for the foreseeable future.

If you’re warming up to the feel of open plan layouts but still long for your dining area to feel like its own entity, don’t despair. There are ways to define your dining space to avoid it feeling lost while still enjoying open plan living.

In addition to the custom range of kitchen, dining and living spaces we create for our customers, our design team also help with considering zoning open plan spaces.  By positioning a rug under a dining table for example, not only will you bring a warmth and a lush feel to your dining area, it will help separate one area from the next. Remembering the likelihood of some food debris making their way onto the floor from the dinner table, we can even help our customers to choose a rug that is both lightweight and easy to clean.

To further distinguish a dining space, you might also like to consider adding a statement lighting piece above your dining table, ensuring not to stray too far from the general feel of the room, so as to avoid disrupting the natural flow of the room. Finally, if you have the space, consider using furniture such as custom cabinetry, a sideboard or shelving unit to physically break up the space.

Whether you’ve embraced the move to open plan living or you’re still warming up to it, Precision Homes can create a custom space especially designed with you in mind. Call Precision Homes on 08 8268 1400 or book in online, for a consultation with one of our team.