Important aspects of bathroom layouts and elements

While aesthetic appeal is a must, the key to a great bathroom is not only how good it looks, but how well it works.  Whether you’re planning a bathroom off the main, master, a powder room or the primary bathroom with access for all, there are some key features and considerations to ensure your bathroom is both beautiful and practical.


No matter the bathroom you are designing, it’s vital to get the layout right. There are many factors that make up a good layout so when planning your perfect bathroom, consider the little details; how much space is between the toilet, vanity and shower? Is there ample room to move around and dry yourself? Do your doors have enough space to open and close?  These little things will all come together to create the perfect bathroom layout.


Once our team decide on a layout with a customer, we recommend compiling a ‘wish list’ of features, taking into consideration the practical requirements for each room. Thinking about the number of people the bathroom will accommodate will help you decide practical touches such as the need for double basins or showerheads, storage requirements and the number of towel rails in each bathroom.


With the bathroom being a central hub to ready yourself for the day ahead, and a place to unwind in the tub at the end of it, it’s important to ensure you have adequate lighting for both practical purposes and ambience. Ideally, your first point of call for lighting should be natural light. Think large, operable windows or even a skylight to help increase the light and airy feel of your room. For the general lighting, simple downlights or flush mounts are flattering for any bathroom, however to avoid unsightly and inconvenient shadows being cast, avoid placing downlights directly above the vanity or mirror. Instead, opt for task lighting around the mirrors and vanity to ensure consistent, flattering light right where you need it.

Integrated and Hidden Features

One of the biggest benefits of building a new home is the freedom to do what you like, without restriction of existing fixtures and fittings. This is a perfect time to install underfloor heating, saving you the costly exercise of retrofitting it into an existing bathroom down the track. Building from new also gives you the greatest flexibility when it comes to creating space, by way of recessed accessories and storage. By building your toilet cistern and cabinetry into the wall, your finish will not only look sleek and stylish, you will have also clawed back valuable space that would normally be lost with freestanding fittings.


Finally, your bathroom is a great space to add your own style.  In custom designed homes, there is a move away from the classic stale, white tiled bathroom.  At Precision Homes we are known for integrating indoor and outdoor spaces – even within a bathroom.  Many of our customers are choosing a more creative approach to lighting, windows and layouts, to shift their bathrooms from a functional room to a beautiful custom-built space to relax and unwind. When talking to your builders about designing and styling your bathroom, powder room or ensuite, get creative.  Look at dramatic colour schemes, feature tiling and tap wear options. Enjoy the freedom you have to create a space that is as unique and individual as your own personal style.

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