20 Years of Precision Homes: Pioneering Luxury Custom Home Design in Adelaide

Long before home renovation TV shows inspired the ambitious armchair renovator, William Moukachar was laying the foundations of his own building empire, Precision Homes.

Together with his wife Simone, they built Precision Homes from the ground up, launching with small renovations and additions before transitioning to bespoke, high-end new homes – a journey that would redefine the custom luxury home landscape in Adelaide.

“Obsessed with building, William also had a keen eye for detail. At just 12 years of age, while watching and learning from a Maltese Master Builder, he once pointed out a mistake in a wall frame installation. This was the catalyst to William’s path to building craftsmanship and excellence.”

Growing up in the stalls of his family’s fruit and veg shop, it was the spark to William’s entrepreneurial flame, gaining a robust work ethic and business acumen working beside his parents, even fronting up to the bank manager for loan negotiations with his dad.

It was a different world back then.

He ran a fish and chip shop at 19, his own café at 20, and studied at night for his building career future.

William progressed into developments, renovationsand then residential projects. With his wife Simone by his side, working from home in Hampstead Gardens, these were humble beginnings – managing budgets and securing projects.

With Simone’s administrative, systems and process-oriented background, William’s in design and construction, the pair managed every aspect of the company themselves. As the business expanded, they began hiring and training a competent team of trades, managers, and highly skilled professionals who matched their vision of excellence.

Subdivisions and buying corner blocks were on the agenda, and it taught William the art of building on irregular, triangular, and tricky sloping sites. Renovations and additions took a back seat as custom newbuilds became his specialty.

Precision Homes grew organically.

As word of his property repertoire spread, William was asked to build more and more homes for family, friends, then friends of friends; his expertise grew alongside an already impressive reputation.

Running a business from home, renovating it, and welcoming daughter Giselle into the world simultaneously, they also joined the Master Builders Association (MBA), and the Housing Industry Association, one of many key industry memberships they’ve held for almost 20 years, signing up at their kitchen table, with baby Giselle close by.

“Establishing their growing empire from home was an exciting time. They were starting a family, studying blueprints, and holding staff meetings at the kitchen table.”

Like father, like daughter, Giselle grew up on building sites. Today, at 20 years of age, she’s now working for Precision Homes.

One of their first non-family clients was one of their first employees. His home was more opulent than anything they’d ever built, marking a significant leap in their luxury home-building transition.

William had suddenly created a niche for himself in the custom home construction market, and momentum was swinging upwards as quickly as his portfolio.

With a valuable base of repeat and referral business, there was no need for advertising, yet given William’s innovative foresight, they launched a website and were leaps and bounds ahead of the industry in SEO optimisation.

William and Simone’s second child, Liam, was born as their vision, passion and commitment to Precision Homes’ success hit new heights. They moved into their Hindmarsh office, then to Kilkenny, before upscaling again to their Hackney office.

Luxury benchmarks were exceeded and reset every time a client expressed a new idea: “What about a Cedar door?” William was always alert to the next big ticket, high-tech, or luxury inclusion.

As every building project summoned a new challenge, it embellished a new luxury spec, setting a new Precision Homes precedent and a firm promise of a cutting-edge, out-of-the-box design.

Trends were forever changing. Every time a client expressed a new want or need, William found countless ways to challenge and translate their ideas into custom brilliance.

Precision Homes were pioneers in the luxury custom home building industry, and one of the first to push, and keep pushing, the high end home envelope. You need only look back at The Cube in Lightsview – an award-winning feat of Rubik’s Cube like architecture that changed the contemporary landscape of Lightsview’s emerging, master-planned development.

Committed to buying 2 blocks and building 2 display homes here, the developer at the time said: “You can only have one block and the build needs to be amazing.”

To William Moukachar, it was a challenge he couldn’t wait to accept.

“The Cube at Lightsview set a new standard for architectural excellence and luxury living. This project not only solidified Precision Homes’ presence in the luxury market, but also showcased their ability to deliver on exceptional and challenging projects.”

Their luxury market standing has seen Precision Homes win multiple South Australian and Australian HIA awards.

“The One” – the team’s second display home, was an impactful and award-winning design making a compelling statement among Craigburn Farm’s newly established, southern foothill’s dress circle.

Winner of Precision Homes’ most recent awards—the 2023 HIA South Australian Custom Built Home of the Year $1.5 – $2 Million and the 2023 HIA South Australian Townhouse/Villa of the Year—can be seen in Beulah Park.  The win for this residence has added another milestone and team-boosting moment for the staff, trades, and suppliers involved with the build. These accolades serve as positive reinforcement that, after 20 years, Precision Homes remains fresh, relevant, and a leader in innovative building design.

It also highlights the importance of exceptional client service and the meticulous attention this calibre of building design requires. To ensure the highest quality standards, Precision Homes deliberately limits its projects, avoiding high volume to maintain a sharp focus on excellence.

Consequently, both William and Simone continue to sharpen their skills undertaking many HIA, Business SA, and industry-specific training courses, their focus extending to software implementation, modern technologies, process efficiencies, and sustainable business practices to enable more client time, greater communication, and transparency.

“Precision Homes were one of the first building companies to incorporate 3D designs and implement Revit software, paving the way for a new era in custom home construction.”

Dedicated to innovation, it’s hard to imagine office life before cloud-based technology—calls taken from landlines, and office spaces jammed with paper and printing; this was reality, and they both look back on it fondly, as if it were yesterday.

Twenty years on, as you enter Precision Home’s uber-chic, energy efficient Waymouth Street Adelaide office, it feels more like a high-end apartment than a work environment, leaving little doubt as to why it’s such a hit with clients and staff. Perhaps it’s because of the team morale, camaraderie, and collaboration, or perhaps because it showcases many of the same flawless finishes featured in their standout home designs.

As for the future, Precision Homes predicts a strong focus on the construction of smarter homes; homes that prioritize energy efficiency and hands-free convenience for fast-paced lifestyles, promoting ease and relaxation.

Keyless entry, AI intervention, and robotic automation is already here. Expect anything. If cars can do it, so can homes.

Reflecting on twenty years of business, Precision Homes remains a beacon of innovation. Whether it be workplace safety, client care or challenging the corporate status quo, they’re committed to servicing clients better than they ever have, while exploring ways to reduce repetitive, mundane tasks for staff.

Holistic thinking in a forever-moving technological age.

With a trip planned to the USA, William and Simone are keen to explore the cost efficiencies of 3D concrete printing – this technology eliminating the need for formwork, resulting in significant reductions in construction costs, materials, and labour.

From a legacy built on passion, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of perfection, they’re not just luxury builders; they’re a creative force to be reckoned with at the forefront of custom home design and construction.

Evolution is constant, yet Precision Homes know one thing for certain: they’re here to stay.